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We bring a legacy of 50+ years to our products

We are a well-established five-decade experienced manufacturing company with in-house design capability. We operate in multiple mission-critical segments of power transmission, substation, high voltage equipment, railways and urban rail transport (metro). Our products are found extensively across the projects in India and about 19 countries around the world. Innovation has been in our DNA which drives us to introduce new technology that improves efficiency, safety and RoI. This is made possible through our internal R&D efforts and a result of strategic partnerships with reputed international leaders.
Deccan Company
Our Milestones

Remarkable Milestones in Our Journey


First in the world for 1200 kV

Successfully design, manufacture, type test & install Silicone Composite Insulators for 1200 kV, the highest voltage ever in the world
Deccan Elecrama

First Indian Manufacturer

to launch Composite Bus Post Insulator upto 400 kV by Hon'ble Minister of Power, Govt of India, Mr Piyush Goyal at ELECRAMA 2016

First in India

to successfully design, manufacture, type test & supply 138 kV Line Post Insulators for Monopole Applications

Our Advantages

By Choosing Our Products You Get the Deccan Advantage.

50 + years Engineering Expertise

State of the art manufacturing facility & Large capacity

Highly Professional Staff

R&D Lab recognized by Ministry of Science & Technology

Tested in Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, China, Hungary & India

In-house testing facility

Case studies

Research Studies we are Proud of

Using different insulators for Indian railways network
The role of insulators in the Indian Railways Traction system is very critical for the efficient functioning of the whole network. In this work a detailed case study has been done of the Indian Railways Traction network across various zones of the country to understand their requirements and preference of choice for their application namely composite/porcelain.
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Our Clientele

We have Clients in 15+ Countries Who can Vouch for us