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Transmission Line

Transmission line insulators

transmission line insulator

Deccan’s silicone composite insulators (also known as Long Rod Insulators,
Silicone Rubber Insulators) are operational under varied ranges.  In the HV segment, it ranges from 66 to 330 kV, in the EHV range from 400 to 765 kV and in the UHV range insulators are operational at 800 kV HVDC(420 kN), 1200 kV AC/320 kN (the highest operating voltage in the world),  The application of the insulators is in all environments including severely polluted coastal areas, hilly terrain, snowy locations, severe wind and desert pollution proving the wide worldwide acceptability. More than 1,360,000 insulators are supplied and are in successful operation.

Product range

Type of end fittings

  • Ball Socket
  • Tongue Clevis
  • Y Clevis
  • Oval Eye


  • Grading ring / Corona ring


  • IEC 61109
  • ANSI C29.12

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